Pyraverse Hackaton

A competition organized by PyratzLabs to empower impactful founders.

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If you are a student and a Web 3 enthusiast, join our crew of Pyratz. We can help you bootstrap your idea all the way to a product launch.

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Social Platforms


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On Saturdays, guest lectures will help Pyratz navigate important and interesting topics. On a few occasions we will be organizing highly valuable workshops aimed at helping Pyratz gain a clear view of the path they which to take. In other words, Saturdays are for working and exploring new territories !

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For Pyratz that have lost their way navigating the seas, sundays are a chance for them to get one on one guidance regarding every aspect of their journey and get back on the right treasure path. Pyratz will have to book time-slots with the mentor of their choice. Physical workstations will be available for  Pyratz seeking to conduct meetings in Paris.

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Fridays constitute a chance for Pyratz to pitch their ideas in front of everyone, get some Friendly feedback, have a drink (or many) with fellow Pyratz and mentors.
Consider this day an opportunity for Pyratz to have some fun while networking and collecting insights on their projects. We will also be serving dinner of course !

Sprint 1

• Kick off ceremony

• Presentation

• Team building

Sprint 2

• Market Analysis

• Research

• Exploration

Sprint 3

• Blockchain & Tech

• Product design

• Experience

Sprint 4

• Entrepreneurs

• Business planning

• Financial modeling

Final Weekend

Award Ceremony
Company creation


Gain a clear understanding of the competition’s expectations and evaluation criteria.

Create viable groups with participants from different backgrounds and personalities.

Divide Pyratz in groups depending on their areas of interest/personality traits.


Roadmap and Jury presentation.

Mentors’ presentations.

Networking games/Speed dating.

Present the different topic areas and potential projects.


Maximize synergies between team members with different areas of expertise.

Define the subjects that groups will work on during the competition.

Define competition rules/guidelines and expected deliverables.


Explore market trends and blockchain use cases per industry

Attempt a first pitch

Set a working strategy, define the customer persona and the conceptual solution


Preliminary pitch session based on the vision and offering

Design thinking workshops to define the customer persona and conceptual solution

Q&A and networking with industry experts.


Gain a clear idea of the market and customers to target.

Gain a clear understanding of the current Blockchain trends and areas where value can be created.

Define technical needs and constraints. Set deadlines and gain a clear vision of the desired outcome.


Lay down the technical needs and conduct a feasibility assessment.

Expand Pyratz understanding of the blockchain network.

Explore different topics related to Wallets, Digital signatures, NFTs, NFAs, Smart contracts, DeFi etc.


Intermediary technical pitch session.

Guest lectures from technical experts.

Interactive coding workshop using PyMich and SPOOL for teams that wish to make use of these tools.


Gain a clear view of the technical challenges.

Begin experimenting with a prototype of the deliverable.

Leave the meet-up with better knowledge and greater technical competences.


Define the responsibilities/obstacles new entrepreneurs will face, and how to set up a successful company.

Define the financial aspects of running a company as well as a viable Business plan.


Guest Lectures, Q&A and networking session with successful entrepreneurs.

Business Plan pitch based on Strategy and Financing

Business Model Canva workshop


Gain a better understanding of the tasks/responsibilities of an entrepreneur.

Gain valuable insights in the following subjects: Product-Market fit, Raising capital, Importance of networking, Leadership, Branding, Pitching, Why ventures fail, etc.


Expose Pyratz to as many Angel Investors as possible.

Conduct a final trial pitch

Make final modifications before final submission

Define the winning criteria and explain what will happen next for the winning teams.


Guest presentations from Angel investors.

Trial presentations on Friday.

Final submission on Friday, Final presentation on Saturday

Jury deliberation and announcement of the winning teams.


Having won or lost, Pyratz leave the ceremony with the ambition of starting their own venture.

Begin co-founding process with the winning teams.

Define the next steps (fundraising, token sale, fix consulting hours etc.)

The Deal

The winning team will be awarded an investment of €200k to kickstart their venture. The deliverables may take the following forms : Whitepaper, Pitch Deck, Website, Proof of Concept etc.

Upon completion of the 4 sprints, winners will be asked to create a new company under French law. PyratzLabs will co-found the company with them in return for 7% Equity (Legal work will be offered by EQUISAFE)

Associated with that, will be structured a €200k SAFE capped 3M and will convert at series A. Business angels that are part of the jury will be able to use this tool to follow the round.

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Deliverables Equity picto


- Whitepaper
- Pitch Deck
- Website
- Roadmap
- Business Plan

Investment Equity picto

Investment SAFE


(Including 100K€ of PyratzLabs ressources)

(Cap 3M, and will convert at series A)

50% of the invested amount (€ 100K) must be used within PyratzLabs' resources.  

Apart from receiving an investment, winners will be offered 3 years of Equisafe software and will benefit from ongoing support from PyratzLabs including workshops, networking and guidance throughout the entire life of their newly created venture.

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The Deal PiratzLabs Guidance


The Deal PiratzLabs Workshop


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The Deal Equisafe Financial


The Deal Equisafe Legal




50 K €*


200 K €


20 K €*

* Prices 2 & 3 will be payed in cryptos

Target Profiles

target profil image

We are looking for curious entrepreneurial minds with a strong appetite for innovation and technology.
Teams of multidisciplinary Pyratz will be formed…

Entrepreneurial mindset
Theoretical understanding of Blockchain technologies
Excited about changing people’s lives for the better
Thriving in transdisciplinary subjects
Technical abilities are a plus

Value Proposition

Funding as a Primary Objective

During the competition PyratzLabs  is to provide seed funding for entrepreneurs.
Consider this as an investment to help you kickstart your venture and pay for your expenses from day one.

However, our mission does not end there.

We plan on offering much more than just a treasure chest. In addition to providing an investment, PyratzLabs will accompany you throughout the entire journey of your newly created venture and help you navigate your ship through calm and stormy seas.

Pyracy is a collective movement

We are Pyratz ourselves, and we are committed to spending as much time as possible to change the world for the better. Hence, we will provide the winning crews with technical support  and introduce them to our international network. We aim to advise the winners on the direction they should take and help them overcome any challenges that may arise.

More than a Treasure

Pyracy is more than just treasure chests and exploration, it is a global libertarian movement seeking to have a global impact.

A lifelong alliance

Moreover, one of the most important things we will do is help new Pyratz meet various investors and/or acquirers. We are aware that some predator ships may attempt to overthrow you and loot you from your riches, so we plan on spending a lot of time teaching you how to deal with them while making sure you stay in charge of the helm.

An extensive team of Pyratz

We have an extensive team of Pyratz with all sorts of skills and competences. Some will help you with your legal paperwork, some will offer technical support, some will assist you in heading your ship and hiring new crew members, others will help you in managing your riches and setting monetary goals/strategies.

So expect the best

Since we consider ourselves to be your lifelong allies, winning Pyratz will benefit from 8 hours of tech/legal/managerial/financial consulting per week. We also plan on providing you with 3 years of Equisafe software, a tool that will prove to be invaluable for raising capital and managing your investors.

If you were asking yourself why PyratzLabs and not any other incubator/VC, you should have gotten your answer by now. We are devoted to creating the safest environment for startups to thrive and help us propagate our Pyratz ideology to the four corners of the seas and eventually transform our world into “the Pyraverse”.

Judges and Mentors

The Jury will consist of entrepreneurs, angel investors, industry experts, tech professionals and more.
A team of mentors with different areas of expertise will provide assistance for Pyratz along the competition.

Judge and mentor Bilal El Alamy

Ivan de Lastours

Judge and mentor Bilal El Alamy

Cécile Treboit

Judge and mentor Bilal El Alamy

Hadrien Zerah

Judge and mentor Bilal El Alamy

Philippe Rodriguez

Judge and mentor Bilal El Alamy

Bluenne Chaye

Judge and mentor Bilal El Alamy

Bilal El Alamy

Judge and mentor Maxime Sarthet

Maxime Sarthet

Judge and mentor Thomas Binetruy

Thomas Binetruy

The complete list of judges and mentors will be announced soon.

Office space background with building

Office Space

An entire floor dedicated to the Hackaton

Sponsor Partners

A big thank you to all the strong organization supporting this Hackathon !


Why are we doing this program?

We are doing this program in order to give young entrepreneurs the chance to start their own venture while benefiting from entrepreneurship lectures and exposure to industry leaders in the best environment possible. We are eager to change the world for the better through the adoption of new technologies such as Blockchain. The goal of this program is for participants to leave with the ambition of immediately starting a Web3 venture. We hope to unite students with different backgrounds and areas of expertise that share the same vision of a better future.

Can I apply as a team?

We prefer that you apply as individual candidates. However, you’ll be able to precise potentiel co-applicant. Make sure they also mark the same areas of interest.

Can I apply if I’m not based in Paris?

Yes. However, if you are selected for the program we will need you to come to Paris at least once a month for the milestone meet-ups.

Why are you so interested in crypto?

The rise of crypto creates an infinite array of opportunities for young entrepreneurs with a vision. Crypto is more than just money, check our blog for some cool resources. We are still very early in the adoption curve. The world is entering a new age of decentralization and those who get aboard our ship now will soon realize that they are living in the future.

I know nothing about crypto, can I apply?

Yes. Knowledge of crypto and blockchain is preferred, but if you are into different technologies, have a strong passion for entrepreneurship and have an idea for a venture then you are at the right place! Keep in mind that many mentors from various backgrounds will be at your disposal to answer all your questions.

Will the hackathon be conducted in French or English?

The competition will be conducted primarily in English. Final documents must be submitted in English as well. However, some of the presentations & lectures given by mentors may be held in French.

I have questions, how can I contact you?

Send us an email to