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We help Web 3 projects escape velocity

Value Proposition

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We enable startups to achieve their technical roadmap on time thanks to our team’s expertise.
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We relieve founders of all administrative and financial tasks. Then, they can stay focused on the development of their product.
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We help founders raise funds. We allow them to grow faster and reach great international ambitions.

When joining our accelerator program, founders keep more than 80% of equity

Our Expertise

Technical Expertise

We are a team of  experts with extensive technical experience in: Blockchain, NFTs, DeFi,… Our crew members can be plugged into your ship from day one.
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Financial & Administrative

We industrialize the CFO role and allow you to benefit from all the expertise we’ve built over several years through hundreds of managed companies.
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Finance and tokenomics piratz labs
Finance and tokenomics
Legal Advisory Piratz Labs
Legal Advisory
value - market
Go to market strategy
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Human Ressources
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Growth and community
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Product and UX design

How we select Startups

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Online Application

Each startup applies by filling in the questionnaire below.
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After applying, we organize a 30-minutes interview to know more about the project.
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Selection Committee

Founders pitch their startup in front of a PyratzLabs committee that will select who will be joining the program.
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Online Application

Each startup selected will follow diagnosis meetings with the Marketing, Finance, Legal and Blockchain experts to define clear objectives regarding our collaboration.


Max Stöckl
Max Stöckl

"Speed & focus matter for every startup, even more so in web3. The strong blockchain expertise and the ops support of Pyratzlabs helped us to focus on the product and to go to market rapidly."

Alexandre Vannucci
Alexandre Vannucci

"Innovation is often driven by multiple technologies simultaneously, and I would say that's where PyratzLabs is exceeding. They helped us reach another level of expectations and goals while breaking obstacles set by the hidden complexity of those advanced technologies."

Robin Champseix
Robin Champseix

"Technical guidance, go to market strategy, business model analysis, legal, Pyratzlabs supports us on every aspect of our company. Their team helped us focus on our 2 key objectives: deliver a product quickly and find customers."