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Collaboration is a positive sum game. Being a Pyratz means thriving as a group to drive global & long-term impact.

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We envision a new generation of inspiring entrepreneurs who can catch up to their dreams with endurance and effectiveness.


It means doing the maximum for your progress ! We’ve designed the optimal way to evolve in the new Web3 ocean.

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Management Team

Management team - Bilal Al Alamy

Bilal El Alamy

Co-founder & CEO
Management team - Jacques Lalo

Jacques Lalo

Co-founder & CDO
Management team - Thomas Binetruy

Thomas Binetruy

Co-founder & CTO
Management team - Maxime Sarthe

Maxime Sarthet

Management team - Houda Leroy

Houda Leroy

Head of Operations

Board Members

Julien Pageaud

Sparkle Ventures

Senior advisors

Julien Maldonato


Jonathan Cherki

Content Square

Sebastian Borget

The SandBox

News & Events

We regularly organize exciting events in-person and online, including meetups and conferences. Our events are free, but many are for our portfolio or invite-only.