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Collaboration is a positive sum game. Being a Pyratz means thriving as a group to drive global & long-term impact.

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We envision a new generation of inspiring entrepreneurs who can catch up to their dreams with endurance and effectiveness.


It means doing the maximum for your progress ! We’ve designed the optimal way to evolve in the new Web3 ocean.

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Management Team

Management team - Bilal Al Alamy

Bilal El Alamy

Executive Chairman
Management team - Maxime Sarthe

Maxime Sarthet

Management team - Thomas Binetruy

Thomas Binetruy

Management team - Jacques Lalo

Jacques Lalo

Management team - Houda Leroy

Houda Leroy



Sebastien Borget

Sebastien Borget

The SandBox
Julien Pageaud

Julien Pageaud

Sparkle Ventures
Jonathan Cherki

Jonathan Cherki

Content Square

Julien Maldonato

Hazem Shish

Hazem Shish

Benjamin Rameau

Benjamin Rameau

TonCoin Fund & JennyDAO

News & Events

We regularly organize exciting events in-person and online, including meetups and conferences. Our events are free, but many are for our portfolio or invite-only.

Paris Web3

builders meetup

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